Myanmar navy seizes boat with 727 migrants government says had a child in overcrowded cabin Read more

Myanmar navy seizes boat with 7우리카지노27 migrants government says had a child in overcrowded cabin Read more

Mansour’s boat is about two metres wide and 10 metres long, the ship’s owner said in a statement on Facebook, adding that the crew had been forced to stop because of the huge number of migrants. He said he had received orders from local authorities to stop rescue operations.

The vessel was launched in the morning and was anchored at a sea-front beach near Rakhine’s main army camp, which is used for the main operations of the army’s operations in the state.

In a statement, army spokesman Col Myint Tin Htein said: «The military will cooperate with all humanitarian organisations to save migrants in this dangerous sea.»

On Wednesday night, the authorities had issued a public appeal for families to get off the boat. The ship took in about 3,000 people, the majority of them children. There were also reports that people were still clinging to the boat in its wake. On Thursday morning, at least 12 migrant boats made their way to the beach, but were not allowed to disembark in time to give aid to the stranded migrants, officials said.

Aid was sent to around 80 migrants, and on Friday morning a Chinese aid vessel arrived at the port where the boat was anchored and picked up 854 people and one fir우리카지노e engine, said the owner of one of the boats.

Mansour was believed to have taken the crew into a crowded cabin in the cargo ship, with the majority on the second and third floors. He was identified as a 27-year-old man from eastern M우리카지노yanmar’s border town of Mandalay. His wife and baby daughter were also on board.

Many of the migrants said they were not allowed to speak to rescuers because they feared the Myanmar authorities would arrest them. The owner of the boat was reported to have fled on foot, according to a report in the state-run Khaingani Times newspaper, a state-owned website.